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Cancellation Policy
Cancellation / Rental Policy

Security deposits are not necessary although if their are any missing or broken items on the premises, the renters credit card will be charged for replacing the item/property.

Check-Out instructions: The renter is responsible to take their trash to 41970 Garstin Dr. in the city of Big Bear Lake. Renter must wash any dishes used and put them back where they were found. The renter must turn down heaters to 55 degrees. Failure to wash your dishes and put them back where they were found will result in a minimum $25 fee. Failure to take your trash will result in a $15 fee per bag. Failure to pick up any pet deposits will result in a $25 fee.

Walk thru-upon arrival: Prior to your arrival, this cabin has been completely assessed in/out for any damage of furniture, floors, windows/doors, blinds, cabinets, appliances, tv(s), lighting/fans, beds, and anything else the house has to offer inside as well as the outside of the structure. This is our way of letting you do your check in at the cabin site, upon entry should you have any issues with utilities or come across something damaged (not by you) call Lavish Cabins immediately (1 hour upon arrival) and do not wait until the day you have checked out. If I am notified the day of check out or after you have checked out, you will most likely be held responsible for such issue, If you check out at own discretion prior to departure date without notifying me of any issues upon check in, you will not be able to receive any such credit whatsoever. If so PLEASE call Lavish Cabins immediately!  (909)771-6550

Homeowners nor Lavish Cabins is responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises. The Homeowners or Lavish Cabins are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest(s). By accepting this reservation, it is agreed that all guests are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premises.

Provided with your rental (based on size & accommodations) linens & towels (provided for the maximum occupancy of the cabin rental) body wash, shampoo/conditioner, dish soap, dishwasher detergent (if applicable), hand soap, 2-3 rolls toilet paper per bathroom, 1-2 rolls paper towels, cable (if stated), internet/ wifi (if stated), laundry detergent (if applicable) are provided. Guest(s) must provide their own beach or lake towels. Our bath towels do not leave the cabin and are not for spa or lake use. Personal bath essentials not provided.



Weather Conditions: The Homeowners or Lavish Cabins is not responsible for weather conditions, injury or illness caused by Mother Nature. Use extreme caution during our winter season as our snow turns to ice and may cause slippage or injury to one self. Renter must inform each of their guest(s) about proper safety instructions to prevent such injury. Always use stair rail handles, walk with caution, wear proper shoes for snow/ice conditions. Even an inch of fresh snow can cover over ice and may seem walk able, use caution!


Road Conditions: Home Owners or Lavish Cabins is not responsible for road conditions. It is highly recommended that the renter check road conditions prior to coming to Big Bear. There are 3 ways to get into Big Bear Lake: Hwy-18/330, Hwy-18 & Hwy-38. Reports should mention road closure, R2 or R3 chain restrictions etc. No credit will be given if there is access from any of the 3 highways leading into Big Bear.


Occupancy: The premises will be occupied by only the following number of adults and children listed on the itinerary. There will be no gatherings on premises such as; weddings, wedding receptions, or any other large group functions without the written approval of the owner. Without the homeowners’ approval, guest(s) will be evicted immediately without refund of any unused rent.


Refund for Extreme Unforeseen Circumstances: Should at any time the cabin have some major damage and cannot be repaired prior to your arrival, we will make every attempt to put you into another rental of the renter's liking provided by Lavish Cabins should one be available but not guaranteed. If we do not have a cabin available for you, you will be refunded in full. Our EXTREME and unforeseen cabin damages would be related to; Frozen & Broken Pipes (no water), flooding, fire damage, long term power Outage and so forth. You will be notified immediately should any of these occurrences arise.


This is a smoke Free cabin. Ash trays have been placed front and back of rental. There are many pine needles and could cause a fire to the home or to our mountain community. There are NO camp fire(s) structures allowed on the premises. There is not to be any wood burned in barbeques  Should

the Fire Department be called upon, you will be responsible for the fine and assume full responsibility. Fire Department fine is somewhere around $1000.00 to $10,000+


Pets: There are NO pets allowed on the premises of any kind, unless this is a pet friendly cabin & approved by the management company. Immediate eviction applies to non-pre-authorized pet approval. Failure to pick up pet deposits will result in a $25 fee.

No illegal narcotics or cultivation of any kind is allowed on the property.